Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Christmas is the time of celebration. We say Life in its true essence is a celebration. But how many of us miss the true celebration of Life by only celebrating on a holiday, when we exchange gifts or go to parties? Is this the only time we can have fun? What is a true celebration?

During this time of the year we give ourselves a happy, joyful time, forgetting the petty differences and routine problems of day to day life. For a brief while we feel free from all the nagging frustrations and the negative challenges of routine life at home and at work. But as soon as the holidays are over, we are all back to square one! I am afraid we sometimes do not celebrate the True meaning of Christmas; we only immerse ourselves into the transient pleasures of life and name it a celebration! Just as Siddhartha Gautama is not Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama transformed is Buddha, and Buddha is but the state of Consciousness of Unity or the Enlightened Self.

So also, Jesus of Nazareth is not the Christ, Jesus transformed is Christ, and Christ is but the state of Consciousness of Unity or the Enlightened Self.
True celebration in not in the name and form of Siddhartha Gautama or Jesus, which are ever changing and transient but true celebration is in the Buddha Consciousness or Christ Consciousness, which never dies. Let us all celebrate the Birth of Christ Consciousness by being conscious of the real essence of our Being, a state of Pure Bliss. It is only in a meditative state that we truly celebrate for then the Joy gushes forth from the Essence or the Root of our Being or Self.

This celebration does not stop a few hours after the New Year’s Bash, but continues to flow as the Life flows with all its true Merriment. If we practice meditation throughout the year then Happiness will flow spontaneously in the New Year, for then we are living life INSIDE OUT.
Love flows, Happiness happens, and Peace surrounds. Baba

Friday, October 1, 2010

2,000 School Children Fed in Honor of Baba's Mother

On Tuesday, September 21 thousands of loving children of the Lord were fed to their hearts content in honor of Baba's most beloved mother, who recently passed. Around 2.000 children from villages, street schools, and destitutes living on the footpaths were fed a meal with many courses on this day. They were happier than ever.

Baba and Maa went to serve the living Gods in the form of street children and destitute with their very hands and the experience was beyond expression.

Baba and Maa watch with broad smiles on their faces as the children eat to their hearts content!

Baba's Mother who was popularly known to all the devotees as Bani Ma, taught Baba the highest principle of Service to humanity as service to God. She was the very embodiment of love and compassion and showered everyone who came to her with the abundance of prayers and blessings. All through her life she was very joyful, and made everyone very happy in her presence with all her inimitable sense of humor. The devotees of Lokenath Divine Life Mission paid their richest tribute to to her eternal soul by feeding these thousands of children and the destitute living on the streets of Calcutta and the villages with sumptuous food.

Look at their most beautiful smiles of happiness and thanksgiving!

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Baba mesmerized the audience when he spoke at the American Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL, USA on May 5. He reminded everyone that our true friend is our mind which is ever anchored in our positive thoughts and Love for God. Baba signed copies of Making Your Mind Your Best Friend after his presentation. A DVD and CD of Baba's presentation there will soon be available. To order a copy send a mail to

Baba did several Satsangs in people's homes while he was in the US. At the Circle of Compassion Meditation Group in Naperville, IL, USA, Baba repeated again that meditation is not something to do. We just have to create a situation wherein gradually the mind will become so calm and so quiet that we will not even know when the thoughts have ceased and then it mefitation happens. But most of us have expectations of what is to happen, and when those things don’t happen we start to think that it’s not happening and then the process gets delayed. He reminded us to relax, just relax and just "Be".

At the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, USA Baba taught that we have thought attacks that lead to heart attacks. We are always unconsciously thinking, thinking, thinking. This makes our cellular bodies unhappy and leads to stress which creates heart attacks. If we dwell on the body we purge it of its impurities.

He told the audience that we all tend to look for gifts from God rather than worshipping God and giving God gratitude for what we already have. Humans are restless and are always asking “What next?” We engage in materialistic pursuits versus spending time with God. Our exerting mind is always over-reactive and worried about what we have to do, do, do. We were never taught to relax without external props, material things.

Meditation is being conscious of what you have. Count the Gifts from God before you surrender. When you find the inter-connection between you and the Divine, God dawns in you. God will chase after you. Worship the Divine of your heart. Then open yourself to the Lord, say “I surrender”.

Baba with devotees at the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin. All enjoyed Baba's visit very much and invited him to come back next year and speak in the Temple President's home.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Seldom has the city of Kolkata experienced such a chilling winter. Braving the fearsome cold weather Baba and two mission volunteers recently set out to distribute hundreds of warm woolen blankets to the numerous, forgotten homeless destitute who don’t even possess a square piece of cloth to shield themselves from the coldness. Every individual is dear to them, be it rich or poor, irrespective of cast, creed or religion.

Tonight Baba has no specific destination in mind. As the car makes its way through the alleys and by lanes of south Kolkata he notices a number of homeless beggars who have made the pavement their temporary abode, all crinkled up, and partially covered with thin pieces of cloth. Baba gets out and with care he wraps every single one of them with warm woolen blankets.
This act of benevolence seems more like an offering to god than charity. All the poor homeless souls bow down in admiration and gratefulness for Baba’s gift to them. The whole affair seems to be an exchange of love and respect, taking place…in silence…in the cold of the winter night…whiles the whole city remains in a deep slumber.
The night was becoming darker and colder. However Baba kept on moving forward and giving away blankets be it a wrinkled old man or a small handicapped boy……his service was towards humanity. Hence it was same for one and all.A child and its mother were tucked away under a thin cloth at the corner of a street under the magnificent deep blue sky, though the wind is blowing fiercely. With love and care Baba covers them with a blanket. The mother opens her eyes in gratitude, speechless.

Baba’s work was not over yet. He keeps on walking and serving numerous homeless souls. Three small boys were sleeping alone with a thin blanket covering all three of them. Baba wraps them carefully with the thick woolen. They will sleep comfortably for the rest of the night, waking in the morning to find a beautiful present of love and warmth.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baba Asks for Prayers and Aid for Haiti Earth Quake Victims

My heart bleeds with pain for those who have lost their lives in the Haiti Earth Quake and those who are struggling for a little breath from under the debris of the destruction.

This is the time when every one of us have the opportunity to open our heart in prayer and send forth positive healing vibrations and financial support to those who are in dire need of funds. All of us from Lokenath Divine Life Mission and Fellowship join our souls together and invoke the Higher Soul to help and heal the suffering people of this natural disaster.

Love and prayers, Baba