Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seeing the Divine in the Smiles and Eyes of the Street Kids

Rashbehari-Tollygunj junction, the pavement is the home for many refugee families, they live on the streets, children are born there, they grow up there, but they have the same dreams that kids in rich families dream. I asked this wonder-kid, can you tell me a rhyme? Yes, and here he goes, with full confidence and joy of his heart. My heart was flooded with bliss eternal. I see God here, in these kids, they embody the Divine to me!!

I go to inaugurate the new street school in one the streets of Calcutta, the children from the streets are waiting for me, i go, and they are full of joy, i see this girl who comes to garland me, as is customary in Indian tradition, and i put it back to her neck, and tell her that she is most beautiful, and look at her divine smile and the spark in her eyes, Yes, we all can serve God for God has been kind to give us two hands, one to receive and the other to GIVE, love overflowing, Babaji

I was taking pictures of the angels of Calcutta streets, and two kids who were sitting close to each other wanted me to take their pictures, so i had my fun and here they are! My priceless gift to you all,

She was looking at me from the moment i walked to pavement to start the street school, i could not take my eyes off her, for she is a perfect angel, so wanted to capture her divine presence, and here is my yet another gift, and let me tell you all these pictures are taken by me, for that is the greatest joy and i know they will give their best to me!!

Sit and draw competition at our Swinhoe Slum School. Look at the attention! Can we not take part more to help these wonder-kids of God.

street school ready to go... in Calcutta, India