Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Baba mesmerized the audience when he spoke at the American Theosophical Society in Wheaton, IL, USA on May 5. He reminded everyone that our true friend is our mind which is ever anchored in our positive thoughts and Love for God. Baba signed copies of Making Your Mind Your Best Friend after his presentation. A DVD and CD of Baba's presentation there will soon be available. To order a copy send a mail to Susan@feelinghearts.org.

Baba did several Satsangs in people's homes while he was in the US. At the Circle of Compassion Meditation Group in Naperville, IL, USA, Baba repeated again that meditation is not something to do. We just have to create a situation wherein gradually the mind will become so calm and so quiet that we will not even know when the thoughts have ceased and then it mefitation happens. But most of us have expectations of what is to happen, and when those things don’t happen we start to think that it’s not happening and then the process gets delayed. He reminded us to relax, just relax and just "Be".

At the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, USA Baba taught that we have thought attacks that lead to heart attacks. We are always unconsciously thinking, thinking, thinking. This makes our cellular bodies unhappy and leads to stress which creates heart attacks. If we dwell on the body we purge it of its impurities.

He told the audience that we all tend to look for gifts from God rather than worshipping God and giving God gratitude for what we already have. Humans are restless and are always asking “What next?” We engage in materialistic pursuits versus spending time with God. Our exerting mind is always over-reactive and worried about what we have to do, do, do. We were never taught to relax without external props, material things.

Meditation is being conscious of what you have. Count the Gifts from God before you surrender. When you find the inter-connection between you and the Divine, God dawns in you. God will chase after you. Worship the Divine of your heart. Then open yourself to the Lord, say “I surrender”.

Baba with devotees at the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin. All enjoyed Baba's visit very much and invited him to come back next year and speak in the Temple President's home.