Friday, October 1, 2010

2,000 School Children Fed in Honor of Baba's Mother

On Tuesday, September 21 thousands of loving children of the Lord were fed to their hearts content in honor of Baba's most beloved mother, who recently passed. Around 2.000 children from villages, street schools, and destitutes living on the footpaths were fed a meal with many courses on this day. They were happier than ever.

Baba and Maa went to serve the living Gods in the form of street children and destitute with their very hands and the experience was beyond expression.

Baba and Maa watch with broad smiles on their faces as the children eat to their hearts content!

Baba's Mother who was popularly known to all the devotees as Bani Ma, taught Baba the highest principle of Service to humanity as service to God. She was the very embodiment of love and compassion and showered everyone who came to her with the abundance of prayers and blessings. All through her life she was very joyful, and made everyone very happy in her presence with all her inimitable sense of humor. The devotees of Lokenath Divine Life Mission paid their richest tribute to to her eternal soul by feeding these thousands of children and the destitute living on the streets of Calcutta and the villages with sumptuous food.

Look at their most beautiful smiles of happiness and thanksgiving!

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!