Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year from Baba

Radiant Eternal Spirits,

The mood of celebration is all over the world. Let us all celebrate the advent of 2010, a year that brings with it the promise of fulfillment of our deepest intentions.

As we think so we become. Let us breathe peace and let peace permeate every cell of our bodies and then ripple over to the rest of creations.As co-creators let us all resolve to hurt none and heal all as moments are presented to us, gifts from the Universe.

True Happiness is to share with those who are less privileged than us, care for those who need our help, and inspire others in the path of Light and Love by our own example.

Happy New Year 2010, it sums up to number 3 which represents the Guru, the Divine Force that dispels darkness. May the Divine Positive Light dispel the darkness of all negativity and fear from the hearts of us all and usher in Joy that springs eternally, effortlessly from the very core of our Beings.

May peace and bliss permeate the world.

Love and Gratitude to you all for joining me in the path of Light and Love.

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