Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rashbehari School Has New Home!

Baba Visits School on the Footpaths Shortly Before the Move

Baba started this street school way back in 1995 for the children and their mothers who live on the footpaths near the Rashbehari -Chetla junction of South Calcutta. Ever since many many street dwellers received not only non-formal education in this pavement school (amazing as may sound!) but lots of love and caring which they are deprived of from the very birth. Many of the children who joined the first years of the school are now grown up and are married and have children. When ever Baba visits the school that is their happiest day.
The Children with Baba, Enjoying Their New School Room
The children after spending 15 years attending their daily classes on the footpaths, where many batches of children have come and gone to better schools or homes and are employed in different capacities, are now in 2010 shifted to a rented premises very close to where they had the footpath school earlier.
When Baba inaugurated the school in Dec 10 he made the children to thank God for this gift through a silent meditation for few minutes. The pictures are taken during the meditation session. Baba asked the children how do they feel in the new premises; Very Very happy said the jubilant angels.

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