Friday, August 3, 2012


In a city, subway takes us to the destination within minutes. But at a remote village Bijaynagar of Gosaba islands, boats are the only means of transportation, and hardships are a plenty.

Boats to the market are managed by boat drivers’ union. In a meeting with the Mission and consequently with Baba, the farmers addressed a serious problem; years back boat services to the market at 5 in the morning were available, but now when the farmers reach the market with vegetables, the market is all over.

Swamiji discussed the matter with his team of dedicated workers of the Mission and decided that a written appeal to renew the 5 am boat service should be made by his Mission to the Union, with 500 support signatures of the villagers, a copy of which would be submitted to the Government to make the union feel the importance of the issue.

Workers of the Mission are now collecting the signatures, which is a difficult process , as the families are scattered over a large area where some pathways are broken and mostly do not exist at all. It is a mass movement Swamiji has arranged, which will motivate people to get united for wellbeing of all.

Farmers on boat

The boat carrying farmers' organic vegetables to market on time. 

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