Monday, February 5, 2018

Babaji Visits Baba Lokenath Temples in Northern West Bengal January 2018

Babaji recently visited north Bengal. It is the most underdeveloped and remote part of West Bengal, and yet the richest of any land Babaji had ever seen. Their purity is surreal. Babaji stayed for a night at a mud house. He said, "my divine mother has had me stay in palaces where even the bathroom taps are made of gold. But I say from my heart, that the heart and hospitality that I have received in a mud house of a poor farmer is far superior."

He went to the India Bangladesh border, and visited several Baba Lokenath Temples in that region (Siliguri,Beniakuri,Hilli, Balurghat). Many hearts were touched, many seeds were sown, and many slumbering souls were awakened.

Babaji doing Pranams to Baba Lokenath at Baba Lokenath Temple!

Baba leads students in Meditation. 

Baba speaks to group about Baba Lokenath at a Baba Lokenath Temple. 

Baba helps with the cooking in the mud hut. It was unseasonably cold and no heaters. 

 The beautiful, pure and pristine countryside!

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