Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Feeding the Hungry on the Streets of Calcutta,India

Thank you Sue Berg for Norman’s kind donation of $171 toward feeding 342 blessed souls who are destitute on the streets of Calcutta under Anna Dana Seva (Blessed Food for the Poor Project) through which is our Mission’s exclusive projects website.

It is so heartening to know Norman saved 1 dollar bills towards this humanitarian cause. Norman sets the precedence which we are sure many other generous and compassionate people will follow. Thank you Norman! Thank you, Sue Berg for feeding the hungry!


Anonymous said...

The recipients of Baba Lokenath's boundless love and compassion were not only human beings of all caste, color or creed, but also all living creatures. It is only fitting that Baba and Maa's sweetest cat Norman should follow in His Footsteps and inspire others to save their dollars to provide daily food for all those beloved Souls of Baba in need!

Anonymous said...

Sadar Dandavat Pranaam Swami ji
This is a special call of service to our poor and deprived and Baba has clearly heard and responded promptly to such a call."Man is born to serve humanity."
Well done and I hope many others would assist in your endeavours.Now with Norman on board things will only get better!!
Bankim Gossai

Anonymous said...

He who serves the poor and needy are privileged ones of God. To serve the underprivileged is the greatest privilege that i have learned in my life. You are a dedicated soul and know from your inner spirit that nothing in this world is as fulfilling as the service that we can render to those who are in pains and agonies. Norman has showed the way in His own mewaoooooooing way! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Love and gratitude from all those who are served and from my heart too. BABA,