Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Garcha Street School Recently Sponsored

Garcha Street school was established by Baba Shuddhaanandaa in the year 1995. The people of Garcha are mainly migrant labourers from neigbouring states doing menial jobs in kolkata and are from lower starta of the society. The mission wants to pull them out of social deprivations. The children are offered training on the practice of hatha yoga, meditation, creative art, dancing apart from literacy.

The initial batches of students from this school were groomed enough to join better schools run by government and private houses. Our task was to create interest in their hearts through fun, playful education and love.

Our experience says what they needed most is for somebody to say they are wonderful children of god and deserve to become worthy citizens of mother India. Love has the power to transform and raise the spirits of each soul to its highest sense of Freedom.

We on behalf of Lokenath divine Life Mission in Calcutta do express our sense of gratitude and thankfulness to Connie Weaver for her generosity and love for these destitute yet smiling children of God.


Anonymous said...

Sudip Mukherjee : Thank you so much Connie for opening you heart to the poor children of India.

Connie Weaver said...

From Connie Weaver

I am deeply privileged and blessed to be able to sponsor this school, and I look forward to seeing photos of the children--perhaps you could send or post a group photo in which the children's faces are visible, as well as photos of the children doing activities sponsored by the school? -- On the babalokenath.org home page, when I clicked on "Mission charities" and then on the link to "Education," I was amazed to see how many schools and educational projects are undertaken by LDLM. -- As a teacher educator (retired), I am especially thrilled with the educational philosophy and methods of teaching undertaken at this pre-primary Garcha Street School. First and most important, these street children need to see themselves as valued and valuable, the most basic motivation for learning. And clearly your program succeeds at that! What a blessing.

Samir Datta said...

Congratulations Connie for you have actually won a million hearts through this great divine act of generosity. I am sure the smiles on the faces of these children of God will certainly move you to much higher ground to share your profound happiness with your friends and all. May God bless you.

Naperville Meditation Group said...

The Naperville, Il USA Meditation Group wish to thank Baba for his kindest invitation to sponsor Swinhoe Street School. we accept with all excitement and gratitude.
We were deeply inspired by Connie when she committed to sponsor Garcha Street School, and are grateful for her example. We look forward to receiving more information about the children and their pictures. We are blessed, blessed, blessed!

Connie Weaver said...

Now I am further inspired by the Naperville meditation group, knowing that they are now sponsoring Swinhoe Street School. Isn't it wonderful how each contribution generates more compassion in our hearts and more contributions to help the children?

Babai, would you please post the photo from Garcha school that you have just sent me? The child's drawing of Baba Lokenath is wonderful, and seeing the children's happy faces is so uplifting! Thank you, thank you, thank you.