Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Women from Self Help Groups listen to Baba in February

Baba Asks for Prayers and Meditation

This past week a cyclone of unprecedented magnitude hit West Bengal and caused the most painful devastation. Millions of poorest of the poor villagers in the villages where Lokenath Divine Life Mission has served for last 20 years were affected. Every thing was washed out and even now hundreds of thousands of people are homeless, sheltered in the school buildings. Crops have been ruined and homes are under water or washed away.

LDLM is sending as much food materials and water as possible, to the affected places.
They are also supplying plastic sheets to make temporary make shift sheds under which people can take shelter till they are back to their own homes.

Even though the devastation is terrible, Baba says:

Yes, the peace will return, for nothing can stop the indomitable spirit of man to win and keep afloat against any adversities of life. Particularly these people of the Sunderban islands who, for years, have learned the hard way of life. Good days will come again for them, for God is good. How can He watch His loving children in pain for long??? That is my faith, faith in my Mother, for Her to have compassion for Her children.

I only wish you all intensify your prayers and meditation for the good of the world, more and more! Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah! (May all beings in this universe be happy). Om Shanti,

Love, gratitude, and blessings infinite Baba


Contributions for the relief work and rebuilding of the villages can be made to Lokenath Divine Life Mission. Please make checks out to Lokenath Divine Life Mission and send all contributions to:

Lokenath Divine Life Mission

24 Kali Temple Road, Kolkata – 700026, India

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