Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA, Love, your children

Dear Baba, All the street school children of LDLM Wishes You A Very Happy Birthday!!Today I made a visit to Kalighat where all the street children came up dressed for the occasion Wishing their Baba A Very Happy Birthday! Food packets were distributed to the street childreni
from the Mission. From there I went to our Garcha center where they made an elaborate arrangement to Celebrate Baba's Birthday. They had purchased a Birthday Cake for Baba put up two candles.
Where we all sung Happy Birthday To You ! Happy Birthday Baba! They all offered the cake to Baba ... One child offered me a piece of cake with her own hands which I readily had. I prayed yes Baba is having your cake... Now I went to Swinhoe slums. There children came with Roses that they offered to their Dearest Baba and prayed to him. It was all joy and fun ! We all celebrated your Birthday knowing that your Blessings are always with us. We all love you. That's what the children had to convey to Baba. They have a complain why their Baba didn't come to visit them. to visit them. I told them He is with you all the time....Jai Baba Lokenath Babai

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