Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baba's Visit to Gosaba, Bijaynagar on 1st of February, 2009

Baba and our guest, Ann Shannon, were greeted in the Bali village by the Mission's project supervisors and Self Help Group women, as Baba landed from the boat to visit the Bengal Tiger Conservation Project compound. A huge crowd formed to welcome and escort Baba to the Mission's compound at Bijaynagar. The villagers celebrated every moment Baba was with them with broad, beaming smiles.

The SHG women prepared the food to be served to 8,000 villagers from the grains collected from their own, hard earned effort. This day is special, as all the nearby villages and villagers come to participate in what has become the favorite annual local festival. They are all served a meal. Baba served food with his own hands to the children and elderly.

In the evening, all the school children and students presented a wonderful, culturally rich program of poem recitals, elegant traditional dances, music, playful nature skits, and advanced yoga.

Ann Shannon, the guest of LDLM, was overwhelmed by the extraordinary program, all of the effort and planning it obviously required, and the immense talent of the performers. She was especially pleased to hear women's personal stories of the SHGs. The people of Gosaba were delighted to see their Baba and hear Baba's inspiring words, which they will carry to their heart for the next year. Baba spoke of the importance of lending a helping hand to one another other in leading and happy and prosperous life.

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joy ki bolbo...sabi tari eche..babar ashirbad apnader sathe baba