Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Life Given by Baba

An Indian family of four living in the Sunderban region, Gosaba Bally district, Vijaynagar village, was stricken by poverty. The family consisted of a brother named Koushik Bera, a sister named Bandita Bera, and their father and mother. Due to unfortunate reasons the mother fell seriously ill and was admitted to a local hospital. The family did not have money to pay for proper medication so it was not given to her. As a result she suffers from a chronic mental illness. The children’s father was a mason and used to come for work in Kolkata. While in Kolkata, he remarried and neglected his earlier family totally. He would not even send money to his family.
Brother Koushik was adopted by a school teacher and Bandita was left alone in the house. Stricken by poverty she was left with no option but to borrow from people in the name of her father. As the lenders came to know about it they realized they would never get their money back. They tried to molest little Bandita. Bandita somehow managed to flee from their grasp and fled home. Panic stricken, she would not come out of the house. She lay at home without food for fifteen days.
A local coordinator of Lokenath Divine Life Mission contacted Baba and informed him of the situation of little Bandita. Baba instantly asked the coordinator to take steps and rescue Bandita. The Mission took full responsibility for Bandita and shifted her to a safe place and arranged for her food and daily needs. She was admitted to school where she was studying in ninth standard. This year she has passed her 10th grade examination by the grace of God.
Now she has been admitted to 11th grade and she is happily staying in a student's hostel adjacent to the school. She gave a spectacular solo dance performance. Her dancing talent is immense, but she is also very bright and now has 4 tutors to foster her rapidly advancing academic life. Under the loving guidance of the SHG women and the Mission, she is flourishing as never before. Baba blessed her with all his heart as she grows into a perfectly healthy, accomplished young woman.


subarato said...

Bandita's stuggle for survival would be a living example in inspiring many downtrodden families desparetly looking for an escape from the trap of chronic poverty and indebtedenss in our rural community.
Every one should appreciate about Mission's humantarian support in trnfroming this (Bandita) lonely Girl in to a resouce full/talented lady.
This real life story of human interest should be dessiminated to other community through SHG platforms , so that others could motivated /encouraged themselves to take up their future challanges based on their confidence and determination.
Mission's role in providing safety nets to Bandita in terms of mitigating her daily needs is the live example of LRRD (linking Relif , Rehabilitation to Development). LDLM helped her to cross over the crisis pahses and provided alternative avenues (through higher studies) to stand at her own feet. After that she might be the member of any local SHGs, which would teach her the modus operandi of thrift and credit, convergance of social actions in to it and finally would become a socio-economic self reliant lady.
What an unique example of social tranformation is!
Joy Baba Lokenath.
Subrato Sarkar
M= 9432342637
21st March,2009

Anonymous said...

Dear Subratoda,
This is Babai here nice to have your comments on the blog. I remember you as you accompanied us to Gosaba in the year 1997. I hope you and your family are doing good by the grace of Baba. Why don't you drop at our Mission. It will be nice to meet you and share our all those old times.