Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Talented Young Painter and Former LDLM Preprimary Student Encouraged to Continued to Develop His Artistic Skills

A temple of Baba Lokenath was established by the SHG's in the Mission compound of Gosaba in the year 2000. This temple initially was a mud house with thatched roof. Gradually the SHG's, with Mission's help, made it a permanent structure of brick with asbestos roofing in the year 2008. On the day of celebration solar light was installed in the Mission which would help the students to study at night at the Mission compound. They celebrated Lokenath Milan Utsav '2009 (Uniting & Bonding festival '2009) on the Mission compound in Gosaba. Baba, accompanied by Ann Shannon participated in the celebration, which unites villagers of all creeds and castes.

Asgar Ali, a talented young painter and former LDLM preprimary student, had an exhibit of his work at the festival. Asgar had drawn a sketch of Baba which he showed and later presented to Baba. Baba was deeply touched by how Asgar had captured Baba's energy, and encouraged Asgar to continue developing his artistic skills.

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janak said...

I am visiting this site for the first time.I am deeply touched.In fact, I had read on revered saint Baba Loknath Brahmchari in the Hindi book ' Bharat Ke Mahan Yogi' written by Vishwanath Mukherji and was curious to know more on the great saint. Today, I just typed baba's name and surprosingly got lot of material and the beautiful site on him. I am myself a sadhak and disciple of Swami Nityabodhanada Teerthji Maharaj from Maharashtra who loves to remain in solitude and unknown to the world. By the grace of my Gurudev, I happened to visit such a lovley site on Babaji and lot of information on him.I would love to read more on his life.
Jai Gurudev!
Janak Kaviratna